Unitarian Universalist Church of Lexington, KY


We are building a caring community, open to all, that treasures free thought, joyful celebration, life-long learning and generous service.

OUR Mission

We live our U.U. values by acting for human dignity and equality and environmental justice for all creatures.

OUR Purpose

We welcome all without regard to race, creed, age, economic status, physical ability, gender expression, or sexual orientation. These are some of the categories that have divided, rather than united, people of faith.

Please Join Us for Our Sunday Service. The theme for September is Beauty.

Childcare available for infants and toddlers starting at 9:00 AM on Sundays

Sunday, September 24, 11:00 AM "A Present Moment: Exploring Mindfulness with Venerable Kai Li"
Worship Leader: Rev. Brian Chenowith



Every gift, large or small, makes a difference. Help us to live our values as we continue to be a beacon of light for liberal, progressive religion and values in Central Kentucky. Here’s how you can help:


2nd Town Hall Meeting

Sunday, October 1st, Great Hall, After Service

The taskforce will discuss further developments for the Board-sponsored plan to refinance the church mortgage so to borrow additional funds to use for “major capital improvements” to church buildings and grounds. At the meeting, the taskforce should be ready to provide actual Boardapproved monies to fund the capital improvements, and further information on the improvements to be made. Please come to this important informational meeting and feel free to ask questions. You can also check out information about this project on the 21st Century Church page. Contact: Jerry Morrison, jrmorrison1@gmail.com.


This coming Sunday, September 24, join the UU team for the Lexington CROP Walk, starting at the Second Presbyterian Church, 460 East Main Street, at 3:00 PM. You can make a donation online or join the UUCL team as we raise funds and walk to end hunger! 25 percent goes straight to God’s Pantry! Donations also help support the work of the UU Service Committee. Join the original Walk event in the United States! Fight hunger globally and in your local community. Contact: Stacey Stone, uucldre@uucl.org.

Upcoming Worship Services

Sunday, October 1, 11:00 AM

Children of the Same God

Worship Leader: Rev. Brian Chenowith

Sunday, October 8, 11:00 AM

On the Road to Geneva

Workship Leader: Rev. Brian Chenowith

About our church

Our church was designed by noted architect Herb Greene and is situated on 7.5 acres of green in Lexington, Kentucky.  The largest Unitarian Universalist church in the region, UUCL has been a constant voice for religious tolerance and education for more than sixty-five years.


About our faith

Unitarian Universalism has its roots in Protestant Christian theology but affirms the wisdom and value of all faiths as well as the importance of intellectual inquiry. In our churches, no one is asked to ascribe to any creed; each of us finds Truth in our own way, and each of us is responsible for our own journey. We come together so that we may learn from each other, and so that we may share our joys and our sorrows along the way.